Paris Day Two – Hotel Henriette & Alain Passard’s Arpège


The first morning I woke up in Paris, I felt GREAT! When we travel abroad, we always complain about how the hotel beds/pillows/mattress/duvets don’t match the standard we expected. And you’re always left with a sleepless night or a backache in the morning. But then when the things are actually good, we don’t tend to take any notice. Well, at Hotel Henriette, a good night sleep passed without being noticed, and all that I was left with in the morning, was the reluctant feeling to get out of that soft, yet firm(if  you know what I mean) and fluffy bed.

Walking out of your individually designed room, the rest of the hotel is also tastefully designed and decorated, full of statement furniture pieces that you’ve drooled over for years. travel wash bag

That textured wallpaper with the retro cabinet is any interior enthusiasts’ dream combo.



A flowery corner.




Anyways I had to get up in the end, for lunch. Even my motivational PJ didn’t help me to get up early.



Morning person pyjama from Wildfox:

//  Wildfox Women’s Morning Person 25th December Pyjama Set from //

The PJ set uses the typical soft fabric that Wildfox is famous for. It was a little bit of a struggle getting out of them. Luckily, the outfit for the day was a rather comfortable one too.
// ASOS Chunky Rib Jumper with V-Neck //
// esk women’s june short sleeved cashmere sweater in orange (heavily discounted) //
// Premium Linen Long Sleeve Shirt from Uniqlo //
// Oasis Stripe Skater Skirt on ASOS //
//  M2MALLETIER Fabricca mini Leopard-print Calf Hair Shoulder Bag on //
// J.W. ANDERSON Logo Plaque Shoulder Bag on //
// Grace Leopard Lurex from Kurt Geiger // 
// Acne Leather Boots from //
// SportMax Knee-high Boots from //





So we headed out for lunch at the Arpège. Situated on the beautiful rue de Varenne, a stone throw from the Musée Rodin, the Arpège is 3 Michelin-starred creation of Alain Passard. If you decide to spend a day at the Rodin museum, and are in the mood for some serious fine dining, culinary adventure, the place has to be the best answer to your prayer.

The restaurant adopts a very classy, understated elegance. The very much all white front without any obvious signage sticking out of the wall made it easily overseen by our driver. But we found it anyway, and on time too(thank god).

Vegetables take place of the usual choice of fresh flowers on the tables. And the thick and heavy wine book(/dictionary) says a lot about what kind of place this is too.

I’ll leave it to you to make up your mind about whether it’s yay or nay for broccoli as a centre piece.

We went for tasting menus, but my friends went for a menu with meat, the other with fish, while I requested all vegetarian.

Soon after the orders were made, the dishes came in small tasting portions, none stop with a great flow from one to the next. The amount of service staff was more than the number of customers in the room at a point. Everybody made sure an empty plate was immediately replaced with a full one, and that every customer’s glass was filled at a satisfactory level. Every dish was utterly creative, something that’s likely new to your tastebud, but at the same time simple, fresh and pleasant. My personal favourite, or most memorable dishes had to be the beetroot nigiri, vegetarian lasagne with argon oil, and one of the desserts with marinated orange topped with Sichuan peppers.

















The whole lunch developed into an unforgettable 4-hour dining experience. In the end we were all left way too full to finish all the desserts, and a good walk in the neighbourhood was desperately in need.