Paris All To Myself

Second day in Paris, I finally did what fashion bloggers usually do: that is to rise with the sun.

Our hotel was only about 10 mins walking distance to Trocadero, which is supposed to be best spot to observe the Eiffel Tower. I set my alarm for 6am, and woke up to the golden morning sun. Another scorching day in Paris, I gave myself a ruthless cold shower to wake me up. And apparently it worked really well. The perk of getting up super early is to have a normally packed busy metropolis all to yourself. While some serenity is always pleasant, I actually prefer to share the beautiful morning with a couple of dedicated locals. I can still not get over the fact that it was a dress from Sainsburys that I wore in these pictures. The quality and detail was amazing, and it looks so cute in the photos too. Generally white dress are very photogenic, and perfect for vacation wear, or just any hot summer days. There are plenty in the sale right now:


After a very early morning, I got extra hungry even after a big breakfast. Luckily there are plenty little bistros to choose from, and Le Bistrot d’Henri hiding behind the Marche Saint Germain was the one we went for. A classic little French bistro set in a quint backstreet. Friendly staff would talk you through the menu on the little blackboard. And what’s written on the shabby little board could usually put a delicately designed menu from a fine-dining restaurant to shame. After lunch, we ambitiously went to pay a visit to the Rodin Museum. The garden was in full bloom! But the heat really put us off so we mainly stayed in with the paintings and sculptures, which was an absolute delight as well.  We called it a night early that evening…I guess I’m not a morning person after all.