Packed for All Purposes

Apart from a relaxing city stroll, usually in a short trip there may be some sort of activities/dinner dates involved. And a well functioned luggage should have ourselves ready for all these potential events.
As the first morning arrived, I was up early with excitement and topped up on my vitamins, ready to go out for a little hike through a little forrest to the beautiful Lake Schwarzsee.



Switched to a sportier colour block jumper and a pair of leggings, I was more than ready for a walk in the forrest. I started off wearing two layers of jackets, but soon after my body started heating up, I ended up with only the jumper by the time we got to the lake. Such an important thing to consider when you go on hiking, is to make sure to wear layers rather than one thick jacket. So as the weather/body condition changes, it’s easy to adjust with more/less layers of clothing.

Sporty jumper

// Jumper with Contrast Colour Details from ASOS // 
// Short Sleeve Jumper from ASOS //
// Stripy Jumper with Flare Sleeves from ASOS //

The rest of the outfit is basically the same with the previous day.









And as the evening comes, not knowing for sure what the plan would be/how the venue would look like/what dress code is required, it’s the best to have a trusted LBD. It can be your all time favourite, or a bit of a different/interesting alternative like the bell sleeve open back piece I’ve gone for this time.

Bell-sleeved LBD:

// Bell Sleeve Dress from Elizabeth and James //
// Bell Sleeve Swing Dress from Missguided on ASOS //
// Flare Sleeved Dress from Mango //