Oxford Street River Island Style Studio

Before I went on my China trip, I paid a little visit to the (then)newly launched Style Studio at Oxford Street River Island looking for some great holiday pieces.

Basically, this is a personal shopping service(all very much free) that you can prebook with the shop that will allow you to have a stylist pick a full rail of clothing completely according to your fashion needs(which you’ll specify in an email prior to the visit). There are drinks, unlimited number of items you can try on, sofa, and your stylist discreetly waiting on the side should you need more assistance or advice along the way.

The entire Style Studio area is impeccably decorated with a lot of rose gold, vivid-coloured prints and tropical themed objects. Comparing to the often hectic shop floor, it feels like an oasis.

Based on the info I provided in my email, my stylist Nadyia chose a variety of  items for me all ready waiting for me in the changing room on my arrival. She went through all the pieces with me before I jumped in any, giving some styling tips as she goes a long, and finally if there were any item that I completely disagreed with, she’d take it away and go to pick something else for me instead. Being myself, open and interested to try any style, I didn’t say no to a thing.(Plus, there was really nothing I didn’t like anyway)

Well in the end I did take my time and spent almost a good hour in there, sipping drinks and making twirls in front of the mirrors. Feeling as relaxed and pampered as I was, the best part of the experience was still the fact of having someone other than yourself(who had an extremely great sense of style) picking out clothes for you. Because even for someone as adventurous and openminded in fashion as I was, believe it or not, there were still outfits I tried and thought, “Oh, looking good! How come I never tried this before?” 
Whether you want to book it for a payday treat for yourself, or a surprise for a significant other, or, even better, for a little gathering for the girls(it’s got all the elements you could generally need, but plus endless clothes to try on the side). I suggest you try and BOOK IT sometime soon. You won’t regret it.