Outfit Of The Evening

Even when it is your birthday, it doesn’t mean that everything will go as you wish, e.g. my birthday dinner. Well, it didn’t go terribly wrong, the place was good as usual, nobody caught fire, we didn’t get any food poisoning… just somehow we decided to cut the dinner short and took the food away to eat at home, let
s skip the boring detail. But never mind, it was a good chance for some outfit pictures:)

Cropped jumper/ ShirtSkirtCoat/ BagHeels(with removable straps)Earrings

And guess what, on the way home, we stumbled upon the dreamiest place around the neighbourhood! I’ve always loved those mews houses in London. They are like little homes for the fairies, colourful and cosy, as if they belong to another world. But this lane of mews houses is something completely on another level! Seeing it at night especially, made it a film setting straight out of a classic English love story. Could I resist a few pictures? Well..You already know.


By the end of it, I was as happy as a kid!:)