No Need for Fairy Tales

If I ask my daughter what she wants to become when she grows up, the answer is probably always: a princess. (well to be fair, recently she’s said “a pizza girl” a couple times too, I guess she’s starting to get more down to earth finally (hurray)Although it’s been quite a long time for me,  I can still definitely remember a time when I dreamed about being a princess myself. However later on we realised that growing up to become a princess is a little bit out of reach for most people. Actually, being a freelancer is as princess-like as possible these days in my opinion.

But if I really think about the concept of what being a “princess” means, usually it’d involve a romantic, extravagant dress, going around a beautiful castle, getting pampered and loved, and feeling content and happy everyday. If you think about it, isn’t everything really quite achievable for modern day women like the everyone of us?So here is my 3-step guide to become a princess for a day for grown and busy women who feel far away from their childhood fantasies:

1. Make your home your own castle. Decorate with elements of gold/ velvet/classic style accessories if you’d like to add some glamour. There are plenty of those around in the market now, and at very affordable prices too. Just remember not to go overboard with these. Offset the gold with abstract & geometric shapes. Add some plants too, to soften and add life to the heavy feeling of metallic/luxurious textures.

West Elm side table

2. Set aside some “me time”. Find a snuggly spot to sit down with a cup of tea, or leave 10 minutes to meditate and reflect on yourself, or run a hot bath with your favourite candle on the side, or pour yourself a glass of wine and binge watch an old favourite TV series…. Do it your way however it is, just make sure you really relax and pamper yourself, and learn to love yourself a little more. You don’t need a royal family or a prince, the love from yourself is more powerful than anything.

3. Find that dress. The dress that every princess has. Whether it’d be lace or ruffles or silk or a classic LBD….pick a dress that fits your perfectly, and boosts your confidence whenever you put it on. Don’t worry too much about taking the centre stage sometimes, confidence is your best accessory.