East London is full of interesting startup restaurants and cafes. The relatively cheaper rent plus an extremely openminded and capable customer base provide the best greenhouse for new & creative businesses to grow. Nah-Mor is a great little spot just off Spitalfield Market next to the English Restaurant(have I not mentioned this place before? Well expect something soon then) on the side road. And they do some proper thai food.

But first, let’s get the fashion bits out of the way!

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// Grey Cashmere Jumper(similar) from ASOS White //

// Blush Textured Skirt from The Fifth on Urban (now for a tener!) //
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// Flats(similar) from Melissa on ASOS //
// Two Part Sandals(similar) from ASOS //

And now let’s talk about Nha-Mor. The tiny cafe like shop sits around 8-10 people max. It serves a range of different stir fried/ curry dishes which you can choose to mix in a box with rice, nice little dimsums including dumplings and buns, and amazingly tasty thai style prawn crackers. Everything is delicious, and perfect for a quick lunch to take away. 

But apart from the mixing box and so on, they also have an extra special of the day, depending on what time you visit the place. I can’t remember if I went at 3/4 in the afternoon, but it was the time that they started to serve the special “Ancient Thai Soup Noodle” with a choice of beef, chicken or vegetable. I’m the type who’s always intrigued by the “specials”, so I went for the option with beef immediately. The chef promised me that I wouldn’t be disappointed, and he told me that the thai around there always go at that hour to wait for this noodle dish. And my, he was not bragging. 
The beef was fresh and tender, came in a generous portion too. On top of the beef slices, they also put 2 of the loveliest beef meatballs in there. The Asian type of meatball is different than the Italians. The meat has to be smashed and chopped and crushed for hours before forming shape. And the end result after boiling, is a juicy meatball that would literately bounce right back at you if dropped on the floor!(no exaggeration here) And those meatballs in that dish, tasted exactly that.

I was completely in my own world slurping all the goodness from the bowl, and never left out a drop of that thick yet refreshing soup. For about 5 minutes, no conversation was going on around. All we could hear was a happy tune sang by the satisfying tastebuds and tummies in the restaurant. 

So if ever you’re around Liverpool street/ Spitalfield Market area and feelig peckish, make sure to pay this little place a visit! Or if you’re lucky enough to be living around there, they are on Deliveroo!!(You lucky bastard)