The New Leg Warmer…And when visiting Hakkasan

I don’t know if it’s me, or is this winter particularly cold. But I’m wearing layers for both my body and legs these days, which have been just sufficient to keep myself away freezing.

My new go-to combo for the bottom half has been this(and it works so well!): HEATTECH leggings(if you haven’t heard of them, look them up NOW on here!) + Over the knee boots + Knitted skirt. Apart from skiing pants, I can’t think of another way to warmer feet and legs.
// Over-The-Knee Boots(similar) from River Island (This suede effect alternative is really cool with the 70’s trend going strong at the moment) //

Now no matter how important fashion is to you, a girl’s always gotta eat. Hakkasan is no news to anyone, it’s one of the many successes of the legendary restauranteur Alan Yau. But the common conception is that people who go there spend a fortune to dine. Well, while it might be true(if you go ahead and order everything from the “Supreme Special Dishes”, but otherwise), you can still spend a reasonable amount whilst enjoying some of the best that Hakkasan has to offer, in its beautiful venue.(Possible solution for the coming Valentine’s day no?)

To help make sure you eat tasty and satisfied(meaning: full), here I strongly recommend two dishes:

上海雞鍋貼 Grilled Shanghai dumpling 
沙律香酥鴨 Crispy duck salad 
The dumplings come to be table as 5(or 6? Can’t remember! Apologies for digging in before taking the picture! Again, blogging about food isn’t my specialty here) plumpest dumplings I’d ever seen! For 8 pounds, I’ve never seen anywhere else offer such great value. But of course, on top of that, they were extremely tasty as well. I’d say, one portion of the dumpling would probably equal(or be more than) a regular lunch for most of office ladies. And it costs 8 pounds, from a 3 Michelin star kitchen.

And the duck salad! You must try the duck salad! Every time I go, I’ll always order the duck salad! It’s the most unexpected textures and flavours in the same plate. Layers of perfectly cooked crispy duck, perfectly ripped slices of mango and pear, with added flavour from the Chinese pickle! It’s not your usual light and refreshing salad plate, but it’ll be perfect to enjoy with some Pu’er tea or a simple bowl of steamed rice. This salad is not cheap, the small plate costs 21.5 pounds. But the portion is bigger than what it looks like, and it’s something different that you really will want to add to you taste library.