Never Get Bored

I admit, this is one of those articles that doesn’t have any theme at all! It’s just living in London, I often get struck by how beautiful and interesting this city is, and how lucky I am to spend this time of my life here. The city is never, ever boring. And being a part of this city, you must never, ever be boring as well. 

The weather here changes, all the time. Sometimes rather dramatically within just a day. So we get this amazing sky, sometimes half showered in sunshine and half covered by the darkest clouds(talking about my favourite type of sky-scape). 

And the buildings..Oh, let me correct myself..I mean, the architecture, the culture, history, and the mood of the place can make everyone an instant scriptwriter. There are so many characters, so many stories as you walk down the roads of London. I can promise that you’ll never get bored. Every street, every building, every park, every statue is another story, and there’s no predicting what amazing view is waiting for you around the corner. 

And dressing boring feels like a real crime in London. No matter which trend you follow(or maybe the only thing you follow is your own heart), just be daring, be creative, and be comfortable with yourself. 
// Belt from H&M //