Muji Cafe & Meal, Bal Kyoto and Cat Cafe

According to local Kyotoers, Arashiyama is all very much touristy and not at all the “real” Kyoto. How ever much I loved the surroundings of Arashiyama, I took my friend’s advice and started a day of random exploring around Kawamarachi-Sanjo, part of the buzzing city centre filled with eateries, cafes, restaurants, shops, markets and department stores. 

Planning ahead for the rather special dinner that day, I wore the only dress I brought. The red, orangey tone matched the colour of autumn in Kyoto, as well as my lighthearted mood!
Thanks to Gucci 2016 S/S collection, the flowery, midi, floaty elements are going stronger than ever. There are loads that you can now find in the sale(some colours more winter appropriate):
Flower Print Dress

Blazer (also worn here)

We skipped breakfast and went straight for a brunch at the Muji Cafe in Bal Kyoto, a trendy and tasteful store that gathered some of the best selectors shops around the world under one roof, from books, fashion, to lifestyle.

And Muji Cafe and Meal is THE ideal shop you would wish to live near to. It was casual, relaxed, fast, tasty and so cheap! Choose for example three dishes, plus rice and a soup, costs less than £4.50! 

Famished as we were and spoiled by the choice and price, we each went for a 4 dishes combo and some desserts. (and you can tell the healthy balanced tray belonged to me)

After the extremely satisfying meal (during which we couldn’t stop talking about the fantastic food quality and the unbelievable price), we went on to explore the rest of the store to help digest all the good food we had. (and ended up wanting to buy everything we saw)

The day soon passed, and we went to a cat cafe for a little rest for the feet, plus a good dose of coffee and overwhelming cuteness. (just note, if you’re particularly anal about food hygiene then the following images might be disturbing for you although all the cats were kept super clean, and there were nothing but the smell of coffee in the room)  

Left the cat cafe, the day was mostly gone. We walked through alleys after alleys of market-style traditional shops, slowly heading towards one of the best dinners throughout the entire trip.

To be continued…