The first thing I wanted to do after coming back to London was to throw myself into a world of civilisation and sophistication! (Never thought I’d crave for that, but..) As magical and intriguing as a cast away life was, I simply couldn’t deny missing the congested London streets, busy shops and restaurants and maybe a glass of bubbles in hand once in a while. 

Landed in the morning, after a quick shower and a change, I went to the Masterpiece London to meet a couple friends and feed my eyes with some rather amazing eye candies.

I wore this H&M off shoulder top which was in surprisingly good quality, the fabric was thick, very stretchable, and really hugged your figure. You can choose to wear it off shoulder or not, and I went for not revealing my shoulders just for the day.

Every end of June, one of the fanciest tent will erect on the lawn of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and that’s where the Masterpiece London Fair takes Place. The place is full of well dressed crowds, beautiful flowers, popup bars and restaurants for people to rest and recharge from the exhaustion of look at beautiful things(like that’s possible).

And finally we sat down at Van Cleef & Arples, who was having their first appearance at the fair, to have a chat with a friend, and greedily trying on a few pieces of unbelievably luxurious and beautiful antique jewellery. 

So I’m officially BACK!