Mango Sale Picks For The New Season

The new season is officially upon us. You get flooded with newsletters, catalogues, window displays, magazines from your favourite fashion brands and department stores telling you what to wear and invest in for the new season. Listen to them for the styling tips, but don’t think you can only spend your money on the “new in” items. Sometimes you find just the right garment for your new look in the sales. Here I’ve taken a few picks from the still-going-on-what Mango sale that can revolutionise your AW wardrobe without breaking the bank. Of course there are plenty of other brands where there’s still sale going on, I only picked Mango today as an example(also because I was shopping on there too).
Note that with each look, I’m using one of the pieces to achieve another look just to demonstrate again, shopping strategically is so much fun(and save you money too, of course).
1. White-on-white:

 2. Flared jeans with (white) jacket…or a parka…or a black overcoat:

 Flared jeansMilitary style shirtWhite jacketParkaBlack coat

3. Going back to work(just add the white pleated skirt & the black overcoat)

Finally, an accessory that’s going to work with all three looks–the metallic clutch(also in the sale):
All pictures courtesy to Mango UK official website.