Lunch at the Blakes, London

Being the first luxury boutique hotel in the world, (the rather discreet yet high profile)Blakes hotel is no secret to Londoners. 

The hotel is designed with impeccable taste and draws inspiration from many places around the world. After more than three decades’ establishment, the Blakes now serves as an inspiration for countless designers and spaces everywhere. I suggest a snoop around its gallery even it’s not in your plan to visit any time soon. (But it will probably make it to one-of-the-places-you-want-to-visit-before-you-die list after seeing the pictures)

One must think about one’s style when entering somewhere with style.

To be very honest, I didn’t expect exceptional food from the hotel. Firstly, it was a “hotel”. Secondly, we only hear things about its interior and design all the time, but rarely about the food. Hence I held no expectation, but I was wrong. The food were amazing. Freshly baked selection of breads, top quality seasonal vegetables, pasta and meat seasoned and cooked to perfection…everything was a pleasant surprise. I can safely say it beats majority of top high street & boutique restaurant out there you can find, and not too crazy in price either. Eating in the ever so dreamy courtyard on a sunny day, there’s really no other experience to top this.

After lunch, of course we took our satisfied tummies out for a walk in the lovely area, shooting a few occasional pictures of each other . But clare refused to show her face because she was red from her beer…which didn’t seem appropriate in the middle of the day. Oops!:)
Clare wore: