LFW Day-Two-Centuries-Of-A-Brand

It was LFW day 2, and I had the pleasure to visit the Serpentine Gallery for celebration of Scottish Fashion Brand Pringle of Scotland‘s bicentennial. 

For a brand with such a wealth of history and heritage, and a dominant position in both British fashion ad culture, Pringle of Scotland is more than just a fashion brand. It’s the brand appointed by Her Majesty the Queen, and invented some of the most iconic prints and styles in the history of knitwear. In a shortened version of my understanding, the brand itself is a representative for the spirit of Britain.

So set in the perfect grey & gloomy British weather, and in the equally iconic venue of Serpentine Galleries in Hyde Park, London, was the exhibition for Pringle of Scotland. I thought I’d go in head to toe grey, with just a pop of orange-y red. But obviously I did not think everything through, and ended up carrying the most colourful umbrella in the world! Well, I’m now thinking of investing in a completely clear dome umbrella, so it will add minimum distraction to any outfit in the future. For the moment of this post, please just try to embrace my floral umbrella if you can 🙂

The exhibition concentrates on the origin, history and evolution of the Pringle brand. You can just see how much effort has gone into the quality control and technology innovation. What strikes me the most is the dedication and creativity that has gone into building something that will last as long as 200 years! I won’t give away too much of the exhibition now, as you can still visit it later in Edinburgh this year from April to August. Here are just some tasters of the exhibition in the pictures. And if you see me in a picture, that means the photo credit goes to my lovely friend and fresher(but talented) photographer Tina!(Thank you!!!XX)