Leivatho Hotel, Kefalonia

Kefalonia greeted us with sunshine, heat and air filled with sea salt.

We stayed in Leivatho hotel that was only a 10-15 mins drive away from the airport. It’s this breathtaking modern architecture contrary to most places in the area. The concrete structures hugged the land, and the wild garden roof top gave the perfect camouflage for the hotel which perfectly blent in with the landscape. The lobby and rooms were minimal with focus on function and practicality, but in no way compromised style. Had a good rest and one too many of the hotel’s signature lemonade, I woke up in the morning, out of my PJ, and jumped straight into swimsuit.

Not much to say about the rest of the day, just sunbathing, swimming, drinking more lemonade, etc..
Palm print is no longer any groundbreaking news for summer fashion. But just like floral for spring, you simply can’t resist wearing it. That’s especially when you don’t live in a place that grows any palm trees naturally, e.g. London.