Leafy Palace, Style Made-to-Measure, Kyoto

Late autumn is one of the most popular seasons to visit Kyoto, simply because of the changing colours of the leaves. 

The day came when I was ready to go explore the famous red leaves in the Imperial Palace of Kyoto. I wore a turquoise ombre beret(which I bought the previous day in Kyoto) thinking that this way I wouldn’t get lost in the trees.  


// Tweed Blazer (similar) from Topshop //
// Black Warming Leggings from HEATTECH Uniqlo //
// Gucci Dionysus Belt Bag as A Clutch from Net-a-Porter //
// Glamorous Indigo Shirt Dress(similar) Exclusive from ASOS //
 // Black Trainers (similar) from Nike on //

And as it started drizzling when we headed out, I gave up on carrying the clutch bag but went for:
// Reversible Bag from Mulberry Delphie //

So that I had both hands free.(Well actually just one, because the other was had to hold the umbrella)
Kyoto Imperial Palace (< booking link) has over 200 years of history. A fine proof of how Kyoto, unlike Tokyo, is safe and sound from all the natural disasters in Japan. We only visited it briefly to see the well maintained garden scape, but if you want to go all the way into the palace, please remember to book (very much) in advance. (link is provided just as above).

Couples taking wedding pictures in traditional style at the palace.

How funny is it that nature’s little season changing game can have one’s heart beating and going all “woo” and “ah” at some leaves. But aren’t we all creations by the nature after all?  

We had a game to see who could spot the reddest leaf of them all! I was pretty sure I won the game. Because Shang was mostly busy taking pictures of me:)

A beautiful place to visit even on a grey day in the rain like we were. And I’m sure it’s even more interesting if you booked an appointment to visit the inside of the palace. (Booking link again: here )

Reluctant to leave the palace even when the rain really started to pour, we went to our friend’s father’s made to measure shop as she had prepared some little presents that we were going to pass on to her father. The shop was 5 minutes walk away from the palace, on 
〒604-0981 京都府京都市中京区毘沙門町, so after some shielding from the rain, we could easily pop back to the palace if we wanted. 

The modest little shop is a local hidden treasure tucked in the ground floor of an office-looking building, called STYLE

Mr. Shinya our friend’s father immediately recognised us, and I also recognised him at the same time as he was really just the male/handsomer version of my friend!(Hope she doesn’t mind this description) And man did he have STYLE!

The whole shop screamed European tailoring, Ralph Lauren, Savile Row kind of style. And turns out Mr Shinya was the buyer for the first Ralph Lauren in the most famous Japanese shopping mall. As he went to the back to prepare some coffee for was, I explored his shop with amazement. I mean, who could tell you were in Kyoto, and opposite of this massive traditional royal palace?

Mr. Shinya himself was also not the typical Japanese you’d imagine at all. He was sophisticated in style, yet funny and down-to-earth in character. He spoke plenty of English to have a pleasant conversation with(also rare in Japan). After some nice chat in the cosy, stylish room of his, Mr. Shinya raised an offer to do some measurements for us and make us each a shirt as presents! My first ever tailor made shirt, and he helped me choose everything from the collar, cuff, sleeves to the shape of my hemline(some style I never knew existed).. Now I can’t wait to see it, how exciting! 

After saying goodbye to Mr. Shinya, the rain was not ready to back off yet. So we gave up on going back to the palace, headed back to Suiran, and enjoyed the leftover salmon roe and seaweed rice from Kikunoi(cuisine at the restaurant recently gained World Cultural Heritage) as Ochazuke for dinner. 

’twas divine.