Kiyomizu Temple & A City for Its People

There are days, when the second you wake up and you just have the best feeling about them. The blue sky looks promising, you’ve no particular plan for the day. But you just know everything you see will look beautiful and everyone you meet will be nice and funny. This was one of those days right here.

Kiyomizudera Temple清水寺 is situated on a slightly raised area in Gion, east of Kyoto. The view of Kyoto city from up the temple is quite exquisite on a fine, sunny day like this.





Bearing in mind the number of stairs and hilly roads to climb, I went for my trusted white trainers. (and thank god they seem to go with everything)

Kyoto’s average temperature during summer is around 30 degrees. When the sun is out, higher. So mini icy-snack/cold-soba breaks are quite essential. Being more of a savory than sweets person, cold soba noodles with ice cold barley tea is ideal for me.



Coming back down to the city, away from the tourist-packed Kiyomizu temple, the Kamo river runs through the centre of Kyoto. The water is clean and cold. On hot & dry days like this, local people love to hang out next to the river, dipping their feet in, have a little swim, or simply just sit under the shade on the bank and admire the view in front of them.




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Nothing feels better than seeing the locals enjoy their own city like that. Children’s lighthearted laughter, young loves’ whispers, the sound of music from people practicing from afar, birds chirping, ducks quacking…the perfect symphony of a great city designed to accommodate its people’s needs.






After the riverside stroll, we headed to Kyoto station for a bit of shopping. The city got even prettier at dusk. Don’t know about you, but I could live here.