Kitzbühel, Austria

Arriving at Kitzbühel, I had quite a few, okay, more than just a few jaw dropping moments when I couldn’t help gasping about the natural beauty of the Austrian Alps. After something like a good hour of woos and ahs, I finally settled with the fact that every turn looked like another perfect postcard moment. And that people there were actually used to and relaxed about the fact of living in this kind of surroundings. So I started to pretend that I was too(except that I couldn’t hide the fact that I was raising my camera at everything).

Our stay at the Kitzbühel Country Club was one of the best experiences. Everything was large in scale, comparing to English standard, or anywhere-else-in-the-world standard really. The one bed suit was definitely larger than many new “so-called” 2-3 beds flats in London.













After a brief but delicious late lunch, I couldn’t wait to head out to explore the town.





It was the final week when the ski lift was still operating, so we decided not to miss the last chance to get on top of the peak for some great views.

And it did not disappoint.


Back down in the town, Kitzbühel is full of fairy tale houses and classy cafés and designer shops. A colder version of Monaco is the b best way I can describe it really.








I’ve brought this beige/cream blazer with me that was thick/smart enough for some warmth and structure. But it’s also not too thick and I could still layer another thicker outer jacket/coat on top of it when the weather condition gets a bit tougher.

Navy Jumper

// Knitted top from L.K.Bennett // 
// Navy Funnel Neck Jumper from White Company //
Beige Long Blazer
// Mint Velvet Collarless Boyfriend Blazer from John Lewis //
// Reiss Marina Fashion Check Blazer from John Lewis //
And one other thing I fell in love with was this Clare V suede weekender tote bag. The colour combination is so perfect that it can match almost any outfit. And the volume is amazing to hold all of your essentials for a weekend away and more. The quality feels solid and better than many of the other bags that I’ve spent more money on. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact style anywhere else now. But after using this bag, I’m definitely going for more from the brand. On the top of my wishlist is one of its amazing voluminous clutches.
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