Kimono jackets have been favoured by many for seasons now. People love it for the vibrant colours and elegant print patterns, casual and relaxed fit, and often light weight, breathable material. Many designs are injected with fun elements of fringe, lace, velvet, so and so, perfect for summer and festival season. While modern/westernised kimonos are easy and fun to wear, it is altogether a different story when you have the chance to get even just a glimpse, of the amount of devotion and craftsmanship that goes into traditional kimono making. 

Kimonoé is a brand that indulges in the fun and creative aspects of modern kimonos, but hasn’t forgotten about essence of traditional, fine kimono making.

Tomo(the creator of Kimonoé)’s kimonos are all handmade in Kyoto, Japan, delicate with premium fabrics. Some quite fun and unexpected(like the tartan one I fell in love at first sight), and all not cheap at all – just like how real kimonos are supposed to be. I arrived in a vintage kimono jacket once found in a vintage market outside London. It was a men’s jacket, all black on the outside with a beautiful silky picture of cranes flying across mountains on the lining. (I’ll have to show it to you guys some time!) Underneath my kimono jacket, I wore a pyjama style shirt and a pair of wide leg trousers. But you can always style it with dress/skirt/jeans depending on what you feel like on the day. As you can (almost)see, Tomo here was wearing a dress with her kimono, which worked perfectly too.

And hubby couldn’t resist the temptation to try on something as well. Wouldn’t this pinstripe jacket be perfect as a substitute for a trench coat over your everyday suits?