Just Enjoy

Meet ‘Enjoy’, our much trusted and loved vessel that enabled every single fun moment during this sailing trip.

We rented ‘Enjoy’- a catamaran that was newly finished this year, through Sailing . Being a catamaran, it offered more stability on the sea as well as when moored up, ‘Enjoy’ took the 7 of us(sleeps 8 max) to some of the most breathtaking and castaway locations that we would never had had access to if without a boat.

After we stocked up on food and fresh water for the coming week or so, ‘Enjoy’ said goodbye to the port of Fiskardo. In order to get her going, at least 3 members of the crew were needed in their positions, and we all took turns. Sometimes you were driving, sometimes you were reading the map, sometimes you were on the ropes, sometimes you were looking out for traffic… but there were also times when you were just sunbathing, posing for a picture, taking a dip in the sea, or having a can of beer on the deck. Basically, ‘Enjoy’ing.
So I was really piloting rather than posing here…

And I never realised how many changes of outfit were required when you were sailing! One in the morning, and one in the afternoon with a different neckline so you get a beautiful, even tan. Then if you decided to take a dip in the crystal clear water to have some fun with the fishes(which you simply wouldn’t be able to resist no matter how many times you’d done it), you of course would need to get into your swimsuit, and later something to coverup as you got back up on the boat(make sure you did, eventually). Finally, something fresh and dry after a shower. And if your plan included getting on the land and heading to a restaurant or attending any party or event, then you might even need to change again! So packing light is hardly a choice if you’re someone who really care about your fashion.
In my opinion, packing a sports bra, a pair of high waisted shorts and a halter neck crochet dress was bloody great choices made when I packed my holiday luggage. And I would highly recommend them(doesn’t have to be exactly the items I wore, but generally the type of garment) to any of you who’s planning a holiday that involves some heat and sea.