Tombo, that calls itself a “Japanese Cafe and Matcha Bar”, is really an understatement true to the very much Japanese spirit. Just minutes walk from South Kensington Station, Tombo is this deli-like, modest shop that provides real Japanese home-cooking style meals and desserts, with an extensive menu of tea and other tea-inspired drinks(such as a matcha beer).

As part of the three looks with a denim dress series, here’s what I wore. This look is young and fun, perfect for any city explorer.

As we sat down in Tombo , some good times were spent on the drinks+desserts menu, as you can tell why from just two out of the 10 pages in there. I finally went for a Oolong Tea, which came in a great, satisfying tea pot for one, plus a small kettle for brewing the second batch yourself.  

The daring one of us went for the Matcha Beer. Unimaginable until you have tried, it was a surprisingly pleasant sensation, and somehow refreshing if you decide to go for a dish like Katsu Curry.

My lunch bento box with salmon dazzled me with the variety of side vegetables that were served along the rice and fish. All of them carefully prepared and extremely tasty, unlike the usual side salad that’s consisted of a few freshly(if lucky) chopped cabbage slices and tomatoes.
I gobbled everything up on my plate in minutes, and obligatorily ordered a piece of green tea cake off the extremely irresistible dessert menu. Took it slow this time, and savoured every bite with some hot Oolong tea(the second brew).

For a place to catch a quick bite/hydration/sweets craving/alternative lunch other than a sandwich around South Kensington, I honestly can’t recommend Tombo  more. I promise you’ll see everything clearer after those amazing tea!