Japan Pt. 8: Six-hour road trip and first impression of Tokyo

Here it comes the final chapter of my Japan travel series that’s been going on forever. It’s my third time visiting Japan on the blog(and in real life), and you can’t tell already, I’m very much hooked by what the country has to offer. A six-hour road trip from Kaga to Tokyo refreshed my impression about Japan yet again, seeing the scenery change dramatically along the way. Within the 6-hour drive, the road took us through practically different seasons. We got to see country roads and houses, majestic budda statue poking out from behind trees, rice fields covered in snow, red bridge rainbow across frozen river, ski resorts with people the size of ants glide down the mountains… it’s difficult to get bored(or sleepy) driving there. I’ll finish the blab here because the photos below should speak for the experience themselves.

And when we arrived in Tokyo, it’s a whole other world.

Having chosen to stay at the hotel of Chinzanso, we got to stay away from the crazy hustle and bustle of what the “true” Tokyo offered. Waking up with a refreshing view of the garden and seeing the city in a bit of distance is a real privilege in Tokyo. The land itself belonged to the former PM of Japan, where he built himself the house and garden: an oasis in the heart of the capital, and gave the name Chinzanso to it.

 And after a few days spent in the more rural part of Japan, I was excited to put on something more city-like. And believe it or not, I was glad to slip into something with a bit of heels too!


Having only got 2 days in a city as vast as Tokyo, I had to just tick of a few must-see items on the list, and leave time also for some intensive shopping & eating.

The famous crossing at Shibuya was a great sight, plus there are plenty of places around there to shop and snack in. Don’t go all the way down to the crossing itself, but find a nearby tall building where you can see all the madness from above.

Being a great Ghibli fan, I also booked myself a dinner at the famous Gajoen hotel in Meguro. If you’ve seen Spirited Away(‎千と千尋の神隠し), it is widely believed that the interior architecture and the extravagant rooms connected by the 100 steps of staircase(which itself is a listed cultural heritage site) are the inspiration behind the creation of the bathhouse in the movie. The resemblance undeniable. And even if you haven’t seen any of the Ghibli movies, the sheer luxury and majestic set up of the place would still blow your mind.