Japan Pt.6: 21 Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa 金沢21世紀美術館

I usually pray for good weathers during a trip, unless there are great indoor places to explore in the destination city, such as the 21 Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa. First of all, there’s a James Turrell room within the museum, which is a MUST SEE for me wherever there’s one. What’s more, the architecture of the museum building itself is an unusual design of a transparent, low, circular shape with a deceivingly large number of rooms and spaces within the parameter.

But first, I had to tick off one more thing from my to-do list: the totally over the top, gold leaf ice cream. It’s just a regular, creamy milk ice cream, topped with a large piece of edible gold leaf that wraps all around, producing a completely golden swirl in a cone. It is crazy! But I just had to buy one, and it was totally worth it.

The ice cream didn’t last until our arrival at the museum. It was consumed within 3 minutes. The museum is rather packed on a grey day like this. Somehow though  I managed to take these snaps without featuring the crowds in here. Again I think the design of the building really helps to divert the crowds even when there are a lot of people visiting at the same time. A very important aspect especially, when it comes to designing art galleries. Crowds and art appreciation rarely complement each other. It’s the reason why I don’t like visiting the Lourve in Paris even there are thousands of master pieces displayed in there.   One of the highlights in the museum is definitely the “swimming pool” designed by Leandro Erlich in the front courtyard. A delusional room that resembles the inside of a swimming pool, which can be observed from both within, and outside the room.    And finally the James Turrell skyspace. It was already getting dark and a little rainy at the time. But spend a few minutes sitting and watching the clouds go by within the square frame, it’s still one of the most therapeutic experiences there is.