Japan Pt.5: Kimono Lunch & Kenroku-En 兼六园

I wouldn’t have guessed before, but wearing a different kimono each time visiting Japan has become a bit of a tradition for me. A kimono pattern that reflects the time of year and mood of that particular day makes a special mental note for the trip. I wore purple with gold threads the first time during autumn, and a light green set last time in the summer, both in Kyoto from an old shop in Arashiyama. This time, it was the around the festive period, naturally I went for the most extravagant pattern on the rail, for a post Christmas lunch at Jardin Paul Bocuse. Beautiful location and interior, and believe it or not, a nice break from all the Japanese food(that I’m head over heels in love with) I’d been eating for a good week.

Just a heads up before you march into a big lunch/dinner in a kimono: you won’t be able to finish too much at all with a stomach wrapped around by about 5 layers of belts.

After the lunch, 3 minutes walk away, we went on to visit the renowned garden of Ken-roku En(兼六园), one of the 3 top gardens in the whole of Japan. If you’re a fan of Japanese garden, or in fact any garden, Ken-roku En should be a complete wonderland to walk around .

Although it was a rainy, grey day, the beauty of the garden really seized to display its attractiveness under even the most unflattering weather.

And walking in a kimono and slippers, also helped to put me in the mood, and really get a close feeling of how people back then would have walked  on the same bridges, passed the same trees.

What’s more impressive though, was seeing how much effort people really put into maintaining such breathtaking sights. Supporting old pines, refreshing soil, even making raincoats for stone lamps and status……the peaceful, elegant gardens around Japan are only made possible with the all gardeners’ hard works. It’s truly truly inspiring.