Japan Pt. 0: Accommodation Hunting Before We Start

I think many for you would agree with me when I say this: the joy of travelling starts when the planning starts: searching for fun things to do, nice restaurants to dine in, and most importantly, the accommodation that you’ll call home for a few days at your destination.

I’m a self-confessed interior enthusiast/junkie. I go on homeware websites almost as often as I visit fashion sites, which means definitely more than once a week. Whenever I get the chance to travel, I always treat the accommodation as a huge part of the trip itself. I like to experience different interior styles which are often unique to the part of world I’m visiting. The last time I visited Kyoto, I bravely went for a traditional machiya. It was great fun setting up futons every evening and rolling them back into the cabinet in the morning. Also going outdoors around the garden every time for the toilet or a shower/bath was something I never expected before the trip. But this time around, I wanted to go for something completely different, a totally modern space that’d ensure warmth and safety(and of course, style), when travelling with the family this cold winter.

I did my search on the old reliable Airbnb, and found just the perfect one! The house really stood out from an area filled with traditional architectures. I never once got lost walking back to the place, not even when I had a(or two) cup too many Sake.

There’s a little tea/meditation area just by the stairs too. I did my makeup there every morning with a cuppa, it was surreal.

Breakfast was way too extravagant as we stayed close to convenience store, a bakery and a dessert shop. It takes forever to get ready to go out every morning, not that I’m complaining! But of course another thing that slowed things done was my obligatory outfit photo time in front of the perfect backdrop provided by the house too. The clean lines of the floor to ceiling window in the modern house contrasted the wobbly traditional house just opposite. You simply can’t resist it. The first day shooting I clearly got a little carried away!

The colour block faux fur coat from Mango was a piece I had my eyes on forever. It’s a really well-made, affordable replica of the Saks Potts coat that’s been around all the street style photography for a couple years now. I loved the Saks Potts one, but it was way out of my budget. This Mango replica has the perfect colour combo that made it work with so many different outfits. It’s even in the sale now. Get your hands on them quickly if you haven’t owned one already!



By night, the house turns into a cozy, warm retreat with the comfiest bed and total privacy. I felt like a little squirrel hiding in the safest tree hole, all snug and warm. All set, we start exploring in the next one.