How To Survive A Car Exhibition For (Car) Dummies

Firstly, go to one where unlimited food and champaign is served. But apart from that, even for a dummy like me who didn’t know a thing about cars other than the colour and size(roughly), there were still plenty of things to look at and enjoy at the Salon Privé. Of course your male companion on the other hand, would feel like he was going to heaven. 
However, let’s take a look at my outfit for the day first so if you really have no interest in cars whatsoever, you don’t even have to scroll all the way down the bottom of this post.:)
Sleeveless blazer(again): similar styles at Dorothy Perkins or Pinko, also seen in this post,
Satin blouse was from Cheap Monday, but you can find similar ones here and here,
Trousers from H&M studio,
Shoes, similar from Urban Outfitters (also worn here & here),
Bag from Zara (also worn here).
Chain necklace, similar from here and here,
Rings, similar from here and here

Now back to the car thing…Secondly, (try to)imagine you’re at a fashion show. It was really a bit like a fashion show for cars and their owners. The exhibition started in the car park. I guess that’s the equivalent to those street styles you see around show venues.

Thirdly, look beyond the cars. There were some proud owners and extremely well-dressed admirers… and a creepy cigar salesman. But someone could not resist the temptation. 🙂 

Needless to say, there were some of the most beautiful and well looked after cars on display. I was even starting to get moved by a few myself. It was right then when afternoon tea was served, and yum!

The day ended with an epic car parade. Pretty much everyone was excited up on their feet, I just happened to have caught the only one who wasn’t as enthusiastic. 

And if after all attempts you’re still bored, they do have a nail salon on the site as well. xx