Gourdon, France

The French Riviera is filled with beach holiday destinations, seaside resorts, boats, yachts, water sports… It might sound a little spoiled, but after a while, one can get a little tired of all those, and that’s when a change of view is needed.

The Lovely Airbnb apartment(of which I would highly recommend for anybody set out to explore the French Riviera) that I rented sat in between some lovely slopes which offered us great view of the surroundings. Swimming in morning, I saw this almost mysterious mountain with its peak in the clouds, sitting in the near distance. So we decided to take a spontaneous drive over there to check it out. But first not without some quality time spent in the fantastic infinity edge pool! Oh how I miss that pool now!(definitely check out Sylvia’s listing on Airbnb)

Properly dried up and dressed, we headed towards the great height. The drive was almost too much fun itself, going through winding roads, slowly leading up the mountain as the cooler breeze drifted on by. And this majestic view opened up in front of the eyes to reveal the beauty of the entire French Riviera…Magnificent, was the only suitable word for what it was. 

Up and up we went, and finally we reached Gourdon. An ancient fairytale town that should only have existed in something like ‘The Lord of the Rings’. The tiny town was delicately laid out, with all the essential elements a town should have: a church, a post office, a few restaurants, a dozen boutiques all with their own personalities, an ice cream shop selling only the most delicious lavender flavour scoops, and a panoramic view of the surrounding area all the way to the Mediterranean sea.
Fashions wise, I wore:
// Swimsuit from Mikoh on // (also seen here)