Getting Comfy at the Wiggly Tin & Arundel Castle and Garden

By the third day on the camping site, the flu finally caught up with me. And I was so thankful of the blanket that I’d brought, the country fresh air, and the sweet, cool supply of country water. And then of course, the fact that I was out there on the site, which kept me more up and active than I would ever have been if I was this sick at home.
Bringing a candle of one of my favourite and familiar scents also helped me feel more like home no matter where I was staying.

And nothing starts off the day like a hearty country breakfast!



Afterwards, we went on a lighthearted country drive to the Arundel Castle and Garden, where the current Duke of Norfolk lives in. The drive was utterly pleasant with winding roads and fragrant breeze. But when we finally got to the castle, the view still took my (high temperature) breathe away.






























And the outfit is just a continuous of what I wore for the past few days.

Dress (wore here & there)

// Navy Sleeveless Midi Dress (similar) from Uniqlo //

// Linen Cargo Dress from Jaeger //
// Max Studio Sleeveless Linen Shift Dress from John Lewis //
// Zandra Linen Pinafore Dress in Blue from Harris Wilson on Anthropologie //
Same old pair of hunter wellies
Camel Wrap Scarf
Orange Shirt

The best getaway I’d had in a long time, unexpectedly. And all thanks to the magic of Wriggly Tin. Just so you know, this is nothing like a paid advert. I’m just recommending the experience from the my own experience, and the bottom of my heart. Don’t hesitate to take a look if you’re looking for something like this, to switch off, and feel all recharged and ready again.