Fushimi Inari 伏见稻荷大社,Kyoto

One of the things we were most looking forward to in Kyoto was to visit the famous red gates at Fushimi Inari 伏见稻荷大社 .

I wore some new pieces that I got from BAL (read all about this amazing shopping mall in my other article, linked)

They were all grey wool co-ords, with a loose fitting duster coat and a pair of matching ankle length trousers. They were light yet warm, and I even hid a pair of HEATTECH leggings underneath the trousers.



// Long Grey Duster Coat (similar) from Lola May on ASOS SALE //
// Grey Wide-Cut Trousers (similar) from ASOS Premium //
// Dark Green Jumper (similar) from Topshop // (also seen worn here)
(And I came across the below piece as I was linking my jumper, which I’d totally rather prefer if I’d brought it on the trip with me)
Recommended! // Square Neck Cropped Jumper from Topshop //
// Burgundy Patent Leather Chelsea Boots from Mango on ASOS SALE // (also seen worn here)
// Cape as a Scarf (similar) from UrbanOutfitters UK // (also seen worn here)






If you’ve ever seen a picture of Fushimi Inari on the internet somewhere, you’ll want to visit there. All the bright red gates, hundreds of little foxy statues… it all seems a bit like a fantasy world that shouldn’t exist on this earth. But it does.
Fushimi Inari Shrine is easily the most visited spot in Kyoto for foreign visitors. And for the very same reason, I suggest you plan your trip early in the morning, really early if you can, to avoid ending up in huge crowds.
All the red gates are actually representatives of donations made to the temple by different companies, organisations, or big wealthy families. They start right from the bottom of the mountain and go all the way up. Walking through the area of Fushimi Inari Shrine is rather a bit of hike. If you brought a pair of trainers on your trip, this is the day to wear them.(otherwise the next most comfy ones definitely)







How incredibly cute is this little girl in Kimono? I don’t know why I put my picture after hers..





Half way up the mountain, there’s a little tea house/cafe where you can catch up your breathe with a few cup of teas/ coffees/ or a bowl of noodles. And you feel like you’re on a tree house.







The sharon fruit trees on the way looked rather tempting. I tried but did not succeed.


If you can’t afford to donate red gate among the many on that mountain, buying a little fox figurine and leave it there with your good wishes is a great idea too.