From Your Couch To… Everywhere

Fashion trends can be a little funny from time to time. You start wearing things that would have been considered horrendous just not long ago. But when the trend comes, suddenly everything seems plausible. The last trend like this that I absolutely embraced was the “wear your trainers with everything” trend. It was so nice to have a choice rather than being obligated to be in heels all the time!

Now here’s another one for the current season: the “wear your couch blanket everywhere” trend!
When you think about it, this trend is really a fashionable take on the Snug Rug, which can’t ever go wrong. Who doesn’t like an excuse to be almost inappropriately comfortable yet bang on trend at the same time? The blanket capes are literately everywhere right now. Pop one on anything you’re wearing, and become instantly in style! Can’t think of anything easier:)
Blanket capes(similar & all under 40)Plain // Olive tone multi coloured // Dark green check
…with which I’m styling with: Leather shirt(similar) // Plain white fitted top // Jeans // Heels // Bag (similar but with all leather body, also worn here)
It’s just so comfortable that I wouldn’t mind investing in a few more since they come in all these different colours/prints and trims. The only thing that I feel like I have to warn you is, you could fall asleep in this outfit pretty much anywhere. Which could be embarrassing, or dangerous, or both depending on the situation…