From London to Kyoto

Two and a half years ago, Paul Smith‘s exhibition opened in Design Museum in London. Somehow I missed it just at my doorstep(doesn’t it always happen? Thinking you can always go whenever you want, and you just never do). So this time when I realised it was on during my stay in Kyoto, I couldn’t let it slip away again.

The pouring rain didn’t even stop me.


It was the first exhibition I went to, where you can listen to the guide by downloading an program on your phone. The pair of pink earphones was given to visitors as a souvenir, and you scan the QR code in each area to listen to the guide. The future is here!

The first three walls were filled with artworks/photos/prints collected by Paul over the years. Walls I could happily have in my own home.






A replica of Paul’s office, his first presentation in Paris fashion week, where he draws his inspirations from, his workshops, and some of his previous collections.

For any fan of Paul/prints/colours/curious objects, the exhibition now continues in Tokyo Ueno Royal Museum, and later on in The Matsuzakaya Museum in Nagoya this September.






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