From Denim to Kimono / Lunch at Kyo

First morning in Kyoto was glorious. The sun shone through the layers of different coloured leaves, and warmed my body like what only a London summer sun could do. I happily hung my jackets up high in the wardrobe and reached for the denim shirt dress that I had loved all summer(proof right here). 

 When packing for a holiday luggage, something that can be worn as a dress, or a coat, or a top like this denim piece, is surely making its way in that suitcase every time. 

Not completely certain about the weather in a new location, I decided to play safe and layered a warm fleece turtleneck and a pair of cropped flare jeans underneath.

Denim Shirt Dress

Fleece Long Sleeve T-shirt

Cropped Flare Jeans

The entire morning was spent exploring the our local area of Arashiyama, including some beautiful mountain routes for morning runs and a busy, vibrant high street. Before I realised, it was time for lunch at the hotel restaurant: Kyo

The interior at Kyo is a perfect blend of Japanese heritage of craftsmanship and modern designing elements. 

The lunch menu is a great combination of seasonal Japanese ingredients with French culinary innovative methods thanks to the head chef Hidetoshi Miki’s creative mind and cooking background. 

Crab puree with tomato sauce and fresh citrus fruits. 

Squid sashimi with preserved duck egg yolk.

Clam soup with cabbage.

Grilled barracuda.

Smoked mackerel Ochazuke with assorted pickles.

After the meal, matcha expresso, genmaicha(brown rice tea), 

All washed down with mascarpone and sugar preserved fruits. 

After a satisfying lunch, we carried our happy tummies out for another relaxing walk in Arashiyama, and stumbled upon a great little local shop that sold souvenir kimonos, as well as a kimono renting service which you can have an instant makeover, and then have a blast walking around the area in a beautiful, colourful kimono. 

Out of all the hundreds of kimonos on the rails, each one unique in pattern, I went for my favourite purple, with a plain(ish) golden brushwork design. 

Local grannies helped me with wrapping myself up with a few layers of clothes and a fancy updo. 

You can wear the kimono up until usually 6/7 pm in the evening. Wear it to supermarkets, restaurants, cafes… and you’ll never feel out of place as you see colourful butterflies like yourself dotted everywhere around the city. A must experience I’d truly recommend.