Fringe Benefit

Back in the age when my mother got to pick all my clothes, she used to like dressing me up in head-to-toe denim. My primary school teacher once couldn’t help it any more and asked me if my mother had some kind of a cowgirl fantasy. To be honest, back then I didn’t appreciate the boyish, tough and often oversized(not for the sake of style but economical reasons)looks so much(which is ironically what I love now). A cool, oversized vintage leather jacket with fringe trim down the sleeves is always on my wish list, and is what I look for every time I’m in a vintage market/store. 

This year the fringed leather jacket style is so on trend! There are many choices available from your favourite designers or just in one of the high street brand shops down the road. I’ve been looking at all those, saved a dozen on different online wish lists, but never decided to go for one yet. Spoiled by choice, maybe.
But then when I was doing a seasonal clear-out for my overly crowded wardrobe, I found this fun little piece of leather collar/cape with fringes. I’d bought this a couple of years ago, absolutely loved it, but never found a chance to wear. 
I tried this “faux fringe” on my fringeless leather jacket, and it created instant impact on the whole look. I could just imagine how well it would complement a leather jacket in the same tan colour, or add drama layered over a bohemian maxi skirt too.
Fringy leathery pieces: Fringed leather poncho // Fringed leather jacket // Fitted leather jacket with fringe

Lizard t-shirt top(different colour) // Jeans // Chelsea boots // Tote bag