Four Fall Outfits for LFW SS18

Well actually there are 5 in here. But I got lazy photoshoping the last one onto the cover, so… enjoy scrolling down!

And fashion week mornings almost always start with a cup of coffee.

There are two London Fashion Weeks every year. I mean, that’s quite often. But if you’re a fashion-week newbie, which once I totally was, it could be pretty daunting to figure out what to wear, how to behave, and who to talk to in the beginning.

I started going to the London Fashion Week since I was a uni student. I was rather passionate about fashion at the time(well as far as I was concerned, buying fashion magazines every month must had meant that I was an enthusiast), and I decided to just go to the venue and people-watch in the first place. And Oh did I watch ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE there. People turned up dressed all kinds of ways. There were of course those who have impeccable tastes and looked like those coming straight out of a street style shot in Vogue. Apart from those, there were also the glamorous ones, the daring and going-all-out ones, the simply so-weird-that-your-head-must-turn ones…… No matter who it was, I loved all of it. It was an absolute feast for the eye if you were a keen people-watcher like I was. Many years forward to now, you’d be surprised and happy to know, fashion week hasn’t really changed much in that sense. So, if you have the chance, go, watch some fabulous people.

However, I myself have changed. Especially after starting with this blog, I’ve started to really be able to differentiate different styles, trends, designers…… And now when I go to fashion week, I can really see those whose styles I appreciate. And I’d dress myself in the most comfortable way possible, highlighting my personal take on the current trends too. Looking back on the previous fashion weeks I’ve been to, I’ve had a couple regrets on what I’d worn. There were times when I got a little confused, or too excited that I tried a little too hard. But this time around, I feel like I’ve really found my own style, and dressed in a way that I’m not going to look back and feel any regrets about. So, let me share with you the 5 outfits that I wore to LFW SS18.



I love layering. So in the first two outfits, I layered, a lot.

A pair of light wash distressed jeans work well layered underneath skirts and dresses. I layered the same pair under a knit dress on the first day, and under a summer floral piece on the second day. It worked perfectly layering with both numbers. And I personally loved the looks so much more with than without the pair of jeans.


Loved, LOVED the colourful, retro prints in the Markus Lupfer spring summer collection. But I might have loved my quiet moment after with the tea even a little more. 

Then for the next two days, I declared my love for colour, loud and clear.  I’m someone who can never get completely satisfied with a monochrome look no matter now chic it looks. I always, always long for a bit of colour. So I braved a pink top/orange blazer combo, completed with the perfect bag with the same colour combination on my third day. We celebrated my lovely friend Jill Hopkins’s new season jewelry launch. And afterwards an extremely cool presentation with some of the top ballet & contemporary dancers showcasing the pieces(picture above).

And then I’d gone all purple on the next day. Purple, especially pastel, is very much on trend this and (judging on the catwalks from brands like Dries Van Noten & Max Mara) the next few seasons. If you’re not someone who’s that comfortable with wearing a lot of colour, opting for a dark purple number, or a purple accessory would be a great choice for you. Because, let’s admit, who can resist purple?



 Went to see the David Koma show in my all purple outfit. The new collection was a perfect blend of sporty and romance, very wearable, very impressive.   Then to the Aspinal Orient Express themed presentation.

Finally, on the last day, took things easy and went to just the Tatanaka presentation after an amazing lunch (which I can’t wait to share with you). The presentation was held at the National Portrait Gallery, where the models posed in front of beautiful oil portraits and created a really interesting contrast and highlighted the clothing pieces in a very special way.


I wore my cape, having anticipated a big lunch before the presentation. And the same BOYY bag from the day before, because I was too lazy to take out my bits from it to put into another bag. And that’s what happens on the very last day of fashion weeks. After all the beautiful things, clothes and people, in the end you just want a quiet night on the sofa in your oldest, softest jumper. True story:)