Flattering Flares

Last day of LFW, I could not not wear some flared pants!

I mean, any era, any trend, garment that enhances your figure is always a bonus. Hide your (ridiculously) high heels underneath these flared babies and feel unusually tall is a feeling that every girl must want to have. (especially when model legs weren’t one of the things mama gave to you)

This outfit was one of my favourites. It ticked all the boxed of what “fashion” means to me: flattering, comfortable, reflecting a personality, different, and of course visually pleasing.

But then it was the London Fashion Week, so there were plenty of people who said loud and clear about their fashion senses with what they wore. All I could do was really just to watch and take in as much inspiration as I could. 

There were so many talents in the designer showrooms! But I met this incredible Chinese designer based in London, who made the most funky and colourful clothes and bags, while at the same time ran an equally colourful but super soft/comfy/everyday-wearing line of cashmere pieces that I wanted one in every style! Be amazed by her creativities by visiting:

On the way out, this French Bulldog obviously spotted my “Yorkie”, and I just had to stop to say hi – He was the last face I saw from LFW AW15. So long!