Fiskardo, Greece

For the first two days we moored up snuggly in the picture-perfect port of Fiskardo. 

Full of charming little shops and restaurants in incredibly vivid wall paint choices, and some pretty bold displays of holiday souvenirs, and cats, A LOT OF them.

In the afternoon there was the wedding happening in Assos, 30 mins (extremely exhilarating downhill) drive away from Fiskardo. I had already shared my outfit for that day here. But for a change, I did not spend half of a day in prep, simply because the water, the view and the Greek salad were too hard to say no to.

So there I was, being goofily happy, in love and incredibly relaxed in my:

// Shirt Dress from River Island //
// Palm Print Halter Swimsuit (similar) from ASOS // (which was also seen Here)
That’s until we began the sailing adventure with “Enjoy”, of whom I will tell you more about in the next few posts.