Feed and Fit

What are weekends good for? The choice is really yours. But I guess a hearty brunch followed by some bespoke suit shopping wouldn’t some too shabby for anyone. 

The brunch menu at HotBox on Commercial Street near Spitalfield Market is too good to resist. The foods are packed with flavours and goodness. A glance at the menu will make you want to order all of the foods on there. So the best way to enjoy HotBox is definitely to go with a bunch of friends, and try to order as many off the menu as you can to have a taste of everything(what I would have to do next time).
The three of us(not enough people) ordered Mexican corn grilled with butter then spices and herbs on top; Eggs benedict with smoked beef rib meat(special of that day); Huevos rancheros; and my absolute favourite: Chicken Belgian waffle, which is the best weekend guilty pleasure for your tummy I can think of!

What I wore:
The backless playsuit was from Zara, but I realise that the season for anything backless has probably passed, so here are a few similar styles, but some more covered.
// Playsuit with Lace up Front in Moroccan Print from ASOS //
// Off Shoulder Playsuit from ASOS //
// Paisley Pirnt Cold Shoulder Playsuit from River Island //
// Flatform Sandals (similar) from Hunter on //

After we slurped it all down, just 5 minutes walk away from HotBox, a little quirky(yet classy, which is possible here) shop is tucked away from the buzzy Spitalfield Market further up the street. Gresham Blake is more than your usual tailoring shop, originally from Brighton. The place stock all the classic, plus some of the boldest, most imaginative prints and fabrics, no matter you want it on your shirts, ties, socks, jackets or shoes. You can choose from their extensive range just off the rail, or, even better, go for a fitting(appointment booking required) just downstairs to have yours bespoke made. 

Gresham believes in making tailoring accessible and friendly to all, “weather your a businessman/women, banker or a builder”(in his own words, kinda).

And he’s a man true to his words. Because nothing is compromised there, you get great service, choice, quality, style and price(do click on the price link, I urge you, you will be surprised! pleasantly)