Family Sunday Itinerary

Sunday used to be my favourite day of the week,a day dedicated to chilling. That’s until we got a nanny and Sunday was her off day. So when you try to choose among 10 types of bread rather than going for the first one you see, while having a tantrum throwing baby lying on the floor next to you, and two dogs pulling the leashes in your hand barking at some innocent passerby…it becomes a bit of a challenge. Suddenly, your self-image goes from Ann in Roman Holiday to Nanny Mcphee in, well, Nanny Mcphee. 

If you let me think back on what happened on the past Sunday, I can tell you it was a blurry mess, and a lot of shouting were involved. But apart from those, these also happened:

The family arrived at Whole Foods Kensington for some grocery top up. But first we hit the food hall to get some lunch. The layout of the food hall is very spacious and open, with an organic and industrial interior deco. It’s an extremely family friendly space too, with the widest selection of highchairs I’ve ever seen other than a furniture shop. As you enter, you can see and smell all the food stalls, which is instantly appetising. 
I opted for brown rice with toppings of steak slices(pink in the middle as well),aubergine, mixed veg, spring onions and peanuts. I ended up with a mountain of food in my bowl, which costed just 8 pounds–give me a reason to ever cook again?
Halfway through digging in my food mountain, Jade woke up(surprise!). She started screaming the second her eyes were open, and Shang sweetly offered to take her to the gelato stall. So I was able to keep on eating and even snapping some more pictures.

The moment of bread-picking, and deciding it was time to take everyone to the park!(yes, it’ll always be the park)

When you have a family, park becomes a magical place. It’s a place where everyone can find a bit of peace, for a while. Dogs run around chasing balls/sticks/birds/babies; babies run and laugh and cry because they got scared by the dogs; adults lie on the grass.
(and Blogger, since we’ve known each other for about 2 weeks now, just a piece of fun fact about me: I love Spongebob)

Ping Ping(a Pomeranian believe it or not) found her inner peace after 2 hours ball-chasing session.

On the way home, Jade stayed relatively calm while finishing a whole pack of snack. I was snapping away from the car window thanks to the traffic and of course Shang being the driver.

We stuck for 10 minutes on a bridge in Hyde Park(seemed like every family had discovered the magic of parks), and I saw this woman who’d make a wonderful fashion blogger(not like that she would care, but).

Still on the bridge…

And still there…

And that’s pretty much it, my Sunday. I see people always trying to take the perfect picture from the perfect angle without any “disruption”. They ask their friends to step out of the picture, wait for every person on the street to clear, and they click. For myself it’s the opposite. I wait for people to walk into my picture, to bring a story to the otherwise “picture-perfect postcard”, and then click. Because in the end of the day, where’s the fun when there are no people(or dogs)?