Exercise Like A Parisian

The majority of places in Paris shut on Sundays. I planed to visit the famous antique market Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen but got lost on the way. (Stupid I know…) So instead of heading all the way north, I went to take a walk on the other side of the river from the where the hot air ballon ride takes place to my afternoon Segway tour appointment.

I wrapped myself up warm in anticipation of the afternoon Segway tour which was practically standing and moving around in the city out in the cold for 3 straight hours. Nevertheless it was such great fun!(unless you already own one and ride it everyday to work. But then you’d still have the beautiful Paris city in the backdrop, which might still be fun to “Segway” around in)

// Circle Ring (similar) // (picked up in a random boutique shop in Paris)

On the walk from Parc Andre Citroen to Eiffel Tower, people didn’t live the so called “Parisian life”. No one was smoking or having coffee or doing both together. People were just taking advantage of the quiet Sunday to exercise and spend time with the family, like how they would everywhere else in the world(or just in London). It was a special feeling to see Paris from an angle of the locals. It felt real and solid, rather than being in almost a dream/movie/postcard-like Paris.

PS. Go For The Segway!:)