Everyday Statement

My wardrobe is 80% filled with basics: plain colour t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, jeans… stuff like that, and that’s not a high percentage! I’m always happy to try all sorts of colours, shapes and materials, but you just have to have all the basics to go with the more adventurous pieces. There are plenty of girls I know whose closet must be 100% full of basics, and only in black and white. A plain red sweater is a piece too daring for them.

It’s a shame sometimes really, when I look at those lovely young girls, who have way better figures than I do, trapped in boring clothing with their own insecure thoughts. Because fashion is really all about your attitude. There’s (almost) no right or wrong, as long as you’re having fun, feeling confident and fully expressing your own personality. 
Well, that’s enough pep talk. What I’m trying to say is just, invest in some statement pieces! Don’t just admire and think “Awww it’s pretty, what when will I wear it?”, just get it if it really agrees with your aesthetic, and wear it tomorrow.
I got a few “statement pieces” the other day from Three Floor on the ASOS Sale. Three floor is a brand that only really does “statement”. Each piece from them is a potential headturner on the street. They are relatively new, only established in 2011. But already they’ve gained a wide range of fans amongst some of the top bloggers and celebrities. I styled this structured skirt with a basic plain jumper, and it was an outfit perfect for informal meetings or a trip to the gallery/shops.
Plain sweater(similar), other similar choices here and here;
Skirt (and you’ll be so pleased with the price tag too, trust me!);
Bag(similar with all leather body);