In the beginning of June, the whole family took a trip to Kyoto, Japan, for one month. I was the one particularly excited, because the last trip to Kyoto(which you need to read about hereherehere and here) completely blew my mind and had me rethinking about my life and values. Yes, that’s how much I loved it. Kyoto for me, is the perfect blend of the past and future, of traditions and forward thinkings, and of the east and the west.

Unlike last time when we mostly stayed in some of the top hotels, this time, for the whole month and family, it didn’t seem like the most economical choice for us. Plus, I really wanted to have a good taste of what real-life-living in a traditional machiya(traditional Japanese house) would be like.

I took with me this one jacket in case of the possibility of cooler days. It didn’t really happen much at all.







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A trophy jacket is a great investment for holiday seasons. While all the other pieces in your holiday wardrobe tend to be plain/basic/casual, a statement jacket can add instant glamour to the whole look, especially for those cooler, more eventful(or not, doesn’t matter) evenings.


The first two days we spent strolling up and down our area, which is near by Nijo Castle. It is a great spot situated north west of the city centre. Imperial castle, great shops and restaurants around sanjo and shijo are all within walking distances. Great little shops hide in these little alleyways, they are the ones that really tell you what life in this city’s like. And thanks to these wonderful down times, I was fully recovered from my jetlag and ready for more exciting adventures to come.