The natural beauty around the chapel is breathtaking. Set in Forest-in-Teesdale, we left the Airbnb finally after breakfast and headed to explore the nearby High Force waterfall.

Easily layering over my cashmere onesie, I wore:

// Tweed Jacket (similar) from Topshop //
// Tweed Blazer (different pattern) from Uniqlo Ines de la Fressange  //
// Cashmere Jumpsuit (similar) from Derek Lam on 10 Crosby //



So we arrived after 10 mins drive, at the incredibly picturesque car park, wondering if that’s all we came to see.

What were we thinking!? As we made our way to the waterfall, the walk down to the waterfall alone, was unbelievable serene. And one can’t help but to take deeper breathes trying to absorb more of that crisp clean, pure, sweet air. 

And as you approach the majestic fall, the path splits into two:one leading to the top of the hill, and one down by the fall. Of course you’ll have experience them both! The walking is not too demanding, but do make sure that your choice of shoes is reasonable. 

Feeling completely refreshed and energised from all the great natural goodness, we got back to the chapel all happy, relaxed, and not feeling drowsy or tired in the slightest like how we usually feel in the city. So we watched the sun slowly set, and ran up and down the fields with the dogs to help them(and myself) burn a bit more energy, until the time came for dinner making(which you had already read in the previous post).

I could well be a country girl…