The amazingness of Airbnb is no longer a secret of any sort. However this little chapel conversion near Durham was the game on a whole other level. 

We arrived a little over midnight when it was pitch black. Only the chapel itself was lit up all around the outer walls in expectation of our arrival. We got the keys, hurried in and were simply blown away by the modern and whimsical interior. But after more than 5 hours drive from London to there, the soft and white cotton beddings looked way too alluring so that I had to leave my anticipation build high in my dreams.  

And came the morning, it was as glorious as I could ever have imagined. The natural beauty of the surrounding was so overwhelming, and the chapel itself sat on the site like a house in a fairytale. 

I rushed in and out with my camera and it took a while for me to realise how hungry I already was. We got supply on the way there while passing a huge Chinese supermarket. I bought some cheong fun (rice noodle roll) that would easily heat up with a little water in a frying pan. Anna the host kindly left us some free range eggs from her chickens on the farm nearby, so I cracked a couple in there too, with some nice drizzles of soy sauce in the end. There! A whole recipe for you if you wanted something between a dim sum and an omelette. I promise you’ll get pretty addicted!

After brekkie, I got out of my PJs only to slip into something even more comfy to just lounge around in the house, and before you know it, it was supper time! …No, that’s not true!(maybe just half of it true) We actually managed to get out of the house for some other fun(it wasn’t easy to get out of there though I can guarantee you), but that’ll be in part 2.

Well, so let’s just say the dusk soon came, and we cooked up a great, homely dinner using up all of those delicious local eggs. And later on snacked on some nice cookies and crisps that Anna had left in a hamper for us to welcome us to the chapel. 

Anna’s chapel is here for you to drool over(or BOOK!) in front of your screen:)