Day One In Paris – A Walking Tour (Followed By Many More)

First day in Paris I woke up rushing out to our balcony to have a glance at the beautiful Parisian view in the morning sun. We’re lucky enough to get the great view overlooking the Tuileries garden. And the day was pleasantly warm enough for staying out there in just a t-shirt for 30 seconds!

I couldn’t wait to venture out into the beautiful city and feed my hungry tummy with the little bites from the famous “Frenchie to go.
The place was packed with locals and tourists(especially from England) alike, in an otherwise quiet street. I had a lobster roll, and Shang had the Reuben sandwich with some side french fries. I mean, it wasn’t very French at all, like there was no croissant or coffee involved, but it was DELICIOUS. I suspect that for many people, it’d be much preferred to dive straight into the “Parisian” lifestyle as soon as arriving at this wonderful city. But if ever for a moment in your time in Paris, when you miss a bit of comfort food, maybe even with a little taste from home(here I mean London), then this would be perfect. And there’s no rule saying that you have to munch on caviar and snails for every meal. Just look at all those French people happily digging into their Fish & Chips at Frenchie to go! (Sorry about the lack of picture for the cafe, but it was just too crowded which made in almost impossible to photo with a DSLR. Please visit my instagram to see more about my journey in Paris.)
And talking about “rules” (yes we were, 3 sentences ago), there’s no rules for how to dress or have a good time in Paris either. You’ve heard them talking about “Parisian chic”. But it’s only when you are on these streets, walking amongst these women, that you realise the true meaning of “chic”. “Chic” does not mean wearing black, or stripes, or black and stripes. It doesn’t equal “simple”, or “casual”, or “classy”, or anything in between. Because being chic, from what I’ve seen from these French women, does not show in one particular form. These women can wear any colour, any garment. They can follow any fashion trend from any era, or just follow their own hearts. They are all different, but all unique, daring and confident. And those qualities, to me, are the essence of what being “chic” truly means. 
For my first day here, I wore:

Our rest of the day was spent strolling around the streets near Frenchie, window+actual shopping. We walked in all the little narrow streets packed with interesting independent stores and restaurants, towards the Passage du Grand Cerf. It’s a great walk if you are looking for unique little presents for friends and families back home or just some treats for yourself. If I have to compare it to somewhere in London, I’d say it’s a mix of Covent garden and Bricklane. You’ll know if that’s your cup of tea:).

And as you can tell, I’ve developed a bit of a thing for those giant, coloured but dated doors in Paris! You always think it’s an abandoned entrance but then people walk by and opening it just before your eyes. It’s almost like magic to me. I can’t get enough of it!

And finally some rest for our feet before heading to dinner!