Day At The Museum

Living in a city like London opens up some of the greatest sides of the world to you. There are always wonderful things happening around this town, some in the rather premium central spots, some in the most unexpected little corner or basement well out of the popular zones. If you’re someone like me, someone who’s always seeking inspiration, someone who reacts strongly to visual stimulus, someone who loves being around aesthetically pleasing objects, someone who applauds bravery, personality and creativity… then September has got to be a busy month for you. With the fashion week and design festival overlapping almost completely, there are (not even exaggerating) hundreds of items on my to-do list for the month.

A few days ago I headed to the V&A to check out some Design Festival installations within the museum. Fashion wise, I went for an all grey outfit with different textures. I’ll feature this in the next blog post along with some other looks. Here I just hope to take you with me on my day trip to the museum through these photos. And if you find any of it interesting, I definitely recommend you go pay a visit. Many of the installations will continue to display for another month or so. Here I’m featuring just a few, including: Double Space for BMW, Precision & Poetry in Motion; Crest; Breathless Beauty, Broken Beauty; Ama 2014. You can read about all of these and more on the official webpage. I do not want to give too much away. So have fun!:)