Coordinating in Nice

Waking up in Nice, I eagerly pushed open the balcony door to greet with the buzzy traffic and a panoramic sea view. And finally, an opportunity to wear some city girls’ outfits!

Summer co-ords are, in my opinion, the best to invest in and pack into your holiday suitcase. Needless to explain(yet I’m explaining here), you can easily pair the top and bottom with other basics to create some casual looks or, for maximum impact, wear the co-ords together to achieve a matchy-matchy effect which usually can be more formal and full-on depending on the particular style you’ve chosen. In my case, the style I’d gone for was really casual even when paired together, while they could both easily go well with denim or white separates too. Well, more on the fashion bits later!

After a little stroll, the initial excitement soon wore off and scorching sun got the best of us. We went into the La Rotonde Brasserie of the famous Hotel Negresco for some much needed shade and refreshments. 

And What A Place! The whole restaurant resembles a vintage carousel, bursting with vibrant colours and fascinating details. Such an uplifting and extravagant interior that will make the eyes busy the whole time you’ll spend in there. Pictures simply cannot do it justice. 

And the food was a good blend of being creative as well as down to earth. I had what seemed to be the best rendition of a Prawn Cocktail in my life(pictured below), perfect seasoning, light, fruity, fresh…it completely changed my opinion about the dish itself. And going down the shellfish route, I ordered a lobster linguini of which the portion was really good enough for two people. 

After a feast for both the stomach and the eye, some post lunch walk was much needed. And what other place could possibly be more ideal than the Hotel Negresco itself? A true landmark of Nice, the hotel first opened in 1913, and had since accommodated some of the most celebrated royal members and stars across the world. It now provides home for more than 6000 pieces of art and antiques in the hotel. A walk in the hotel will be more satisfying than visiting most galleries for many art/interior design/antique lovers. 

Some artistic pointers for dress code:

After an inspiring cultural morning, the afternoon required some more outdoorsy fun! The Place Massena in the very centre of the town featured a great modern square that was filled with fountains to entertain all the kids and some adults who were still kids in their hearts. 
During the intervals, I got to catch up with some outfit snaps too.

And finally when you felt slightly tired jumping in between water, you were actually very likely being exhausted and dehydrated already. Don’t worry, around the square there were plenty little bistro/cafes for you to sit down and unwind: some right across the street, some on the rooftops, just go for whichever one that tickles your fancy.  

Absorbing the amazing view of Nice, before you knew it, it was dinner time. The famous Le Séjour Café‘s sister restaurant Le Petit Cafe, much like the original, featured a cosy interior, overly(for French) friendly staff, and a great, simple, creative menu. 

Throughout the dinner, I experienced some new combinations of seasonings and ingredients that were very stimulating and eye-opening(such as the basil and strawberry cheesecake…I mean..Wow). But my personal favourite remained the perfectly cooked veal. It was served with a simple mash and seasonal vegetables, nothing too fancy and the meat even looked a bit dry on the outside. But it was the most tender, flavoursome piece of veal steak I’ve ever had, especially as thick and chunky as it was, every bite was surprisingly moist and pleasant. A petit gem in Nice – Le Petit Cafe, if you ask me.