Columbia Road Flower Market

When I got back to London from Pairs, it already felt like winter. Not surprised though because we were already counting down to Christmas! A visit to the flower shop is usually inevitable around this time of the year, no matter it was for a wreath, or some Christmasy decorations around the house, or flowers for visiting friends and families, or a TREE(!!). So what if you there’s a “flower shop” where the choices are doubled while the prices are half or even lower? Alright it’s actually not a shop but a market–the Columbia road flower market in east London.

I woke up feeling extremely Christmasy that I actually dressed myself as a Christmas tree!:))

// Dark Green Cape(similar) from Cooper & Stollbrand //
// Stripy Top(similar) from ASOS //
// Navy Shirt from Uniqlo //
// Leggings from Uniqlo //
// Boots(similar) from Mantaray // 
// Sunglasses from Sheriff & Cherry // 
// Origami Necklace from Origami Jewellery //
// Crossbody Bag(similar) from Gap //

Flowers cheer almost everyone if not everyone up(similar effect with fluffy baby animals). The market is only up every Sunday till around 2:30pm. Expect trendy locals, friendly stall owners and super crowded streets! Because of its amazing popularity, more and more shops and cafes decided to open around it. So now when you visit the flower market, there are much more than flowers that you can buy. Gardening tools, vintage clothing, furnitures, crafts, or just funky decorative objects… almost anything you may think of will be available around there.  

If you’ve never bought flowers from the flower market or been a flower wholesaler, you may easily get stunned by the amazingly low prices of the flowers there. But don’t, remember that you can still bargain with them!(especially around the finishing hours)

Tomorrow is Sunday when the market is up. If you happen to read this now, make sure to try and visit!:) Happy weekend everyone!