Colourful Knits

img_2904Brown can be a tricky colour to wear. Not that it applies to these too-cute-I’m-gonna-die ponies. They pull of their fluffy brown coat just fine. But when it comes to wearing brown, not camel, not beige, but proper dark brown, some extra thoughts need to be put in to consider how to wear the colour without feeling overly mature, dull or gloomy. (That is when you don’t have quite as cute faces as in the above photo)  In my case here, I found spicing it up with a pop of strong vibrant colour is one great and easy way to do it.


Oh and did I mention that we visited the first place I stayed in when I came to the UK 11 years ago? It was Brecon in Wales. And there’s also the famous town of books: Hay-on-Wye, where, well, it was full of book shops, and other beautiful autumnal sights. Influenced by the season, I decided to go for a bright orange oversized knit, that matched with all the amazing autumn leaves. And the colour, as I just mentioned, took away any possibility of feeling dull with all those brown I was wearing. Have you gotten your colourful knits ready this winter season?

And rest of the outfit was the same as in the previous post here

img_2581 img_2769ed img_2782ed img_2801edimg_2800ed img_2711img_2678img_2739  img_3050 img_3063 dsc03227   img_3032 img_3020 img_3018ed

After a whole day walking around town and hiking up and down the mountains and fields, what better way to wind down than relaxing in this Japanese style jacuzzi tub that came with the cottage? As mentioned in my last post, and here again, here is our accommodation link.dsc03032