Muji Cafe & Meal, Bal Kyoto and Cat Cafe

According to local Kyotoers, Arashiyama is all very much touristy and not at all the “real” Kyoto. How ever much I loved the surroundings of Arashiyama, I took my friend’s advice and started a day of random exploring around Kawamarachi-Sanjo, part of the buzzing city centre filled with eateries, …

A Morning Run in Arashiyama, Kyoto

After a few too-good-to-be-full(true) meals, my sense of guilt creeped out(which usually doesn’t exist), and I decided to go for a morning run in around the hotel in Arashiyama.

From Denim to Kimono / Lunch at Kyo

First morning in Kyoto was glorious. The sun shone through the layers of different coloured leaves, and warmed my body like what only a London summer sun could do. I happily hung my jackets up high in the wardrobe and reached for the denim shirt dress that I had loved all summer(proof right here …

Arriving at Suiran 翠岚, Kyoto / First Dinner at Tempura Matsu 松

Japan has always been some kind of a fantasy to me. All the literatures, movies, animations and art tells the story of a highly civilised and sophisticated society. Everything they do, seemed like they do in perfection. So I was extremely excited about visiting Kyoto, the historical capital of J …

Teesdale, England – Part 3 the Bowes Museum

After getting completely dazzled by the accommodation and our natural surroundings for the first 1 and a half days, finally we got around to visit The Bowes Museum, which was initially the main purpose of this little getaway trip. 

Teesdale, England – Part 2 the High Force

The natural beauty around the chapel is breathtaking. Set in Forest-in-Teesdale, we left the Airbnb finally after breakfast and headed to explore the nearby High Force waterfall.

Last Day of Nice

Even though the three week holiday seemed to me like I had been travelling forever, the last day in Nice still felt like a bit of a panic for us trying to think of a way to make the best of it.

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