The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath

 I arrived at night, and was stunned by its beauty. The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath is located at the very centre of the royal crescent(surprise surprise!), which is formed by 30 Georgian terraced houses facing and overlooking the city of bath and the many surrounding fields. It …

Going Higher For A View

Strolling around the city of Paris is fantastic! Choose a nice route, and you’ll get to see all the amazing french architecture, wonderful little boutique shops, some of the cutest Yorkies(seriously, Parisians seem to love Yorkies). And when it comes to the evening, there’s the perfect plac …

Bank Holiday Weekend Getaway

Just another carefully decorated house and well kept garden–that’s the Chatsworth House. One cannot help but to think about how Mr. Darcy elegantly lived his life in here: strolling down these corridors and garden paths. 

Forget about Monaco

Now here is just something I need to note down to remind myself that I’m no longer in a place that’s 30 degrees. I AM IN EDINBURGH.


I went to Monaco for a short holiday, and it was love at first sight. Of course there were the famous beach, sun, casino, super cars, tourists in model shapes and fancy dresses etc. But I was also fascinated with the plants, big blocks of apartment buildings(and their balconies), the amo …

Day and Night

I’ve never done so many “British” activities in one weekend! A friend from abroad came to visit, and we tried to show her the best that Britain had to offer. And we might have just covered almost everything. Here’s a list of things we did/saw/ate/experienced: stay in an English countryside mansi …

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